Room set-up and presentation and requirements:

Audio Visual Requests

  • LCD projector and screen
  • Wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Wireless remote mouse
  • Laptop provided with PowerPoint downloaded

Dining Presentation: Full Place Setting

  • Full place setting on a cocktail table
  • Entrée plate
  • Bread and butter plate
  • Soup bowl and spoon
  • Coffee cup and saucer
  • Cloth napkin
  • Two forks (salad and entrée)
  • Two knives (salad and entrée)
  • Two spoons (soup and coffee)
  • Dessert fork and spoon
  • Two water glasses (one empty and one filled with water)
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Bread basket with cloth napkin and one roll


For programs that require handouts, the PowerPoint will be provided for either download and/or copies to be made by the client. Copies can be in the handout mode, pure black and white, and can copy six slides per page

Product Sales

A 6' skirted table is requested for sale of products on site with two chairs. A staff member will be needed to assist with sales.

Audio/Video Recording

Prior permission is required prior to any audio or video recordings during the presentations.

If you need other materials, please call 214.500.7516 or at

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