Do you need a dynamic and highly knowledgeable business and personal etiquette expert for your magazine article or TV/radio program?

Colleen Rickenbacher, successful author and professional speaker, is available to answer your questions face-to-face, over the phone, on camera or in the radio studio.

Interviews and Media

Contact Colleen directly at 214.500.7516 to schedule an interview today, or contact her through the form .

Third Speaker Series event focuses on first impressions

The Lennox Women's Business Council (LWBC) recently hosted the third event in their quarterly Speaker Series, featuring business consultant and author Colleen Rickenbacher discussing "Strategies for Business Etiquette and Success – Making First Impressions Lasting Impressions.”

"Given today’s increased need to take different cultural sensitivities into account in a global marketplace, a knowledge of business etiquette is essential -- and Colleen had a wonderfully witty and entertaining way of presenting us with many timeless tips for all occasions," said attendee Deborah Kauffman, Director, LII Commercial Customer Service. "Thanks LWBC, as I enjoyed her presentation immensely!"

Consultant and author Colleen Rickenbacher (2nd from l.) with (l. to r.) Manny Molera, Vice President, Human Resources, LII Commercial; Denise Ernst, Director, Commercial Product Management; and Susan Herndon, Vice President, Commercial Sales & Global Accounts and President, Lennox Women's Business Council.

Invitation to view WebEx recording "Lay-offs, Cutbacks and Closing Down:
What are you Doing to Make a Difference?

Video: Colleen and The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Colleen on FOX 4 Good Day - Handshakes and Business Cards

Colleen on FOX 4 Good Day - Place Settings, Sports and Thank You Cards

Colleen's Interview with MasterCard Small Business Services

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