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Even in today’s more casual workplace, it is imperative that we still “mind our manners.” Are there any rules on cell phone use for business? Now that we have e-mail, is a hand-written thank-you note necessary or even expected? How do you begin a conversation at a business cocktail party? Who sits where at a business dinner? What do the items on your desk tell others about you? What do you wear to a trade show? Do any of these issues matter today? In our fast-paced business world, they matter even more than in the past. We don’t have the luxury of time to get to know each potential contact we meet on a more personal level. We do judge others by first appearances. Colleen Rickenbacher helps you navigate the tricky and not-always clear rules for a professional in this easy-to-read book of etiquette on every facet of business: travel, dress, communication, tipping, entertaining, dining, networking, and organizing.

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